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Optimize Your Direct Mail Campaign

To ensure that your direct mailing project goes smoothly, review this checklist when designing or selecting direct mail items. These guidelines should be given to your designer and your printing service.

General Guidelines

Be sure that the reply device enclosed has the FIM (Facing Identification Mark) bar as well as the intelligent mail bar code. It needs to be formatted to meet USPS mailing automation requirements.

Each mail piece should have an address area of at least two inches by four inches of blank white space, without a reflective surface such as varnish.

To better track the performance of your direct mail campaign, include the source code, both list and brochure versions, in the address block.

Non-Profit Mailing Pieces

To get the non-profit USPS direct mail advertising rates, ensure that the company's name and address that you filed with the postal service matches that same mailing information printed on the mailing piece.



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